MTD over Ethernet with IE module & Option M.


    • Network-based studio timer distribution
    • Up to six different timers/timezones
    • Utilizing existing Ethernet infrastructure
    • Configuration at any workspace
    • PoE (Power over Ethernet is supported)
    • Reads NTP as the real-time reference
    • MTD (Multi Time Display) is a studio timer solution developed and designed by PLURA to deliver several features like
      1. Up countdown timers
      2. Down count timers 
      3. Difference timers
      4. Timezones via the userbits of the LTC.
    • With the newest option M for PLURAs IE ethernet module, MTD data isn’t bound to Timecode anymore and can be sent over local area network, so control units and displays can be used in a flexible and mobile way.  Only a network port is needed to have full studio timer access with a display or control unit.
    • The timer distribution via network can be used in versatile and user friendly ways:
      1. Control units and displays are usable in a mobile way.
      2. They can directly be installed in any place as a plug-and-play style.
      3. There’s no more a need for a circumstantial LTC distribution, 
      4. Accurate studio time can be displayed any WHERE. 
      5. Configuration can be done at any workspace in the studio.          
      6. Several devices I.D.s can be assigned with alias names and groups. 
      7. PoE (Power over Ethernet) supported, only a single CAT-5 cable is needed to hook up the hardware.

        circuit diagram

    • A complete MTDoE system consists of the following minimum configuration:            
      1. A referenced generator module
      2. A timer control unit
      3. An ethernet module IE
      4. Option M for the IE module


    • MTDoE can be added afterwards to an already existing generator system.          
    • The following products are available as MTDoE control and read-out devices:   


    TCUE : Timer Control Unit, tabletop housing                    

      UD25E : 25mm display, 19” 1RU                    

    TCUE                                  UD25E                               
    UDD25E : 25mm double display, 19” 1RU                    

      UD25TTE : 25mm display, tabletop housing                    

    UDD25E                                  UD25TTE                               
    UD56E : 56mm display, 19” 2RU                    

      UD56ES : 56mm display, seconds ring, 19” 2RU                    

    UD56E                                  UD56ES                               
    UD300E : 300mm display                    



    • PoE feature is an OPTION for all UD display devices except UD56ES and UD300E as PoE feature comes standard.
    • If PoE is needed, option UD-PoE has to be ordered additionally with every display except UD56ES and UD300E.          
    • If the existing network switch doesn’t support PoE, you can order PLURA ethernet power injector (PI).
    • UD126E & UD178E don't support power over ethernet. 
  • Order Code

    Product Model ID: RUB IE
    Module description Ethernet interface module (10/100baseT)
    RUBIDIUM series 1 & 3 Ethernet Module

    IE-Options for  RUB 1 & 3

    IE-M MTD over ethernet (option N is included)

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