Timer Control Unit.


    • Large seven segment LED digit numerical time display(s)
    • Additional three line OLED alpha/numerical display
    • Backlit keypad
    • Programmable function keys
    • RS485 connection to PLURA's GT Time Code generator
    • USB configuration and setup
    • Ethernet connection to PLURA’s MTDoE system
    • Ethernet configuration and setup
    • Assignable user rights management
    • Built-in Time Code reader and MTD demultiplexer
    • Four programmable GPIs (two inputs & two outputs)


    • Based on various TV broadcasters and studio operators requests,  PLURA developed the Multiple Time Display system (MTD).
    • Its flexible design, the multi-timer and display system can easily be used in many different types of applications.
    • Multiple studios can be interconnected and share all generated information.
    • A MTD system consists of a central generator, digital displays and/or analog clocks coupled with a timer control unit.
    • The central generator generates a specially encoded LTC signal, LTC(MTD).
    • You can generate six different times (or timers) available in LTC(MTD) format, such as:
      1.  Real-time
      2. Different time zones
      3. Dates and various up or down-counting timers


    • The LTC(MTD) includes all six times in it’s userbits. 
    • Distributed to a digital display.
    • One of the six available times or timers can be selected.
    • The Timer Control Unit enables an easy submission of time and timers as well as a timers status.


    TCU Front

    TCU Control Panel

    • TCU is a user console with a numerical LED display, with an OLED information display and a backlit keypad:          
      1. The LED display has 15 mm digit height, 7- segment LEDs in red. It displays a time in the format(HH:MM:SS).    
      2. The color of the OLED display (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is yellow. It displays the status information.
      3. The keypad has 18 backlit keys.
      4. All keys except the numeric keys 0-9 are programmable. 
      5. The three keys without inscriptions are special function keys and the selected function is displayed on the OLED display.            
    • Optional 2nd Display (TCU H1).         
    • LTC input for reference time.            
    • Pwoer through an external power supply or directly from the Rubidium VL or VD module.            
    • The TCU can either be used in a tabletop format or mounted in a 19“-rack with 3RU/21HP.
    • The TCU H1 housings is 19“ 1RU.  


    • TCUE is a control unit for MTDoE systems (MTD timer distribution over ethernet; for further information please see TCU datasheet).
    • Several studios with larger complex and system can utilize multiple TCUs which are connected to one main central generator.
    • User access right levels is possible, admin or other levels is supported for one or many TCUs unitstimers.  
    • Many functions functions can be selected within the configuration menu to name few:
        1. Built-in audio beeper.
        2. various GPIs for changing the display formats.
        3.  Buzz signal after end of stopwatch period.
        4. Flash reminder indication.
        5. Start and stop signals can also be received from external sources to any of the GPIs.





        • Software updates and configuration can be done over USB or Ethernet port (TCUE only).
        • Tools and the latest firmware updates can be downloaded from www.plurabroadcast.com/downloads    



  • Order Code

    Product Model ID: TCU
    Product description: Timer control unit, tabletop housing
    Studio Production Timer Stand Alone Unit


    Product Model ID: TCU19
    Product description: Timer control unit, table or rack mountable
    Studio Production Timer Stand Alone Unit


    Product Model ID: TCU H1
    Product description: Timer control unit,19"/1 RU
    Studio Production Timer Rackmount Unit


    Product Model ID: TCUE - Discontinued
    Product description: Timer control unit, tabletop housing, ethernet-interface, PoE
    Studio Production Timer Stand Alone Unit


    Product Model ID: TCU H1E - Discontinued
    Product description: Timer control unit, 19", 1 RU, ethernet-interface, PoE
    Studio Production Timer Rackmount Unit

    Options for TCU, TCU 19, TCU H1

    TCU-EP External power supply


    Options for TCU H1

    TCU-DR Second display, 14 mm red
    TCU-DG Second display, 14 mm green
    TCU-DY Second display, 14 mm yellow

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