Word Clock changeover and monitoring module.


    • Switcher for VITC signals                
    • Signal monitor with status indicator                
    • GPI outputs for error indication                
    • Optional SNMP and status indication via an internet browser                
    • Bi-stable signal outputs relays

    The module "SW" is the changeover switcher for Word Clock signals in the context of a fail-safe system.
    The inputs are monitored for signal level and frequency.
    If the input signal is lost or is not present, it will automatically switche to the second input signal.
    "SW" reaction during a changeover can be individually programmed.
    It can switch (changeover) immediately, at a specific preprogrammed time or manually switched.

    The following frequencies are monitored:       
    Nominal:                     44,1 KHz and 48 kHz
    f x 2                      88,2 KHz and 96 kHz
    f x 4                     176,4 KHz and 192 KHz                     
    In the event of a failure the signals can be switched autmatically or manually. The changeover is completed with bistable relays.
    The relay contact remains in its last position even if power is lost.
    The relays are mounted on a separately installed circuit board, so that even when when physically the module is exchanged the signal flow can continue without interruption.

    The built-in GPI`s can be setup to signal errors. If a RUB IE module is present in the system, SNMP monitoring and web browser configurations are possible.
    Otherwise configuration can be done via a USB connection located on the Rubidium housing with the provided software tool.

    SW Schalt

    All programmable functions and the communication between modules are handled with the included configuration software.
    The operating status of the module is available at any time via a status monitor function.
    The status request is made using a PC software via the USB interface of the applicable housing (H1, D1, S1, T1).
    The  firmware or additionally purchased options are installed via the same USB interface.
    With an additional Ethernet module (RUB IE), a standard web browser can access all status information and configuration menus. 
    Monitoring via SNMP is also possible.

    SW config

    Browser Configuration

    SW config

    Rubidium Configuration

    The Rubidium series includes various distribution amplifier modules.
    The modules range from units with four separate amplified outputs, to units designed for maximum security and accuracy with six failsafe amplified outputs, used generally in master redundant systems.
    The Rubidium series also includes various generators, inserters and converters for (LTC, DVITC and ATC) signals. 

  • Order Code

    Product Model ID: RUB SW
    Module description Word Clock change-over and monitoring unit
    RUBIDIUM series 1 & 3 Change-over Module

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