The Rubidium series module AT is a Time Code inserter and  converter designed to work with analog CVBS. All Time Code and data  formats are processed by a builtin reader and/or generator which is  compliant to the EBU/ SMPTE standards for NTSC and PAL video.

The standard features of the RUBIDIUM AT: Analog video channel (CVBS), monochrome window insertion, VITC Time Code, LTC Time Code


    • Time Code Reader
    • Time Code Converter
    • Time Code Inserter
    • MTD compatible
    • TC_link compatible
    • Programmable in/output GPIs
    • 4 programmable front profile buttons

    The follwing options enable further functionalities

    1. Video bypass relay (option B)
    2. Sony 9P protocol converter (option S)
    3. Programmable offset (option O)
    4. Converter biphase/CTL to LTC(option P)

    The rear panel provides the following connectivities:
    • LTC reader and generator
    • RS485/422/232 interface, Time Code or inserter data
    • 4 GPIOs for status signals, etc.
    • Relay contact output, programmable for Time Code zero value, additional failure Signal(s), etc.

    Four configurable function keys are located on the front  panel, allowing fast selection of functions or loading preset profiles. Backlit keys and four signal LEDs indicate the status of the module. A blue identification button shows the module’s model name.

    Modules can be inserted in any order into the slots of the housing. Each slot position has its own address within the communal  housing identification system. This enables a specific identification of each module within a bigger system. Alias names can be given to the hard stamped numerical address via the supplied  configuration software.

    Via our IE Ethernet module, browser configuration, status  control and SNMP functions are available. Every module is connected to  an internal hot swappable bus, which bilaterally connects all  modules within a particular housing. The internal bus can be distributed over several housings by using the RLC port. The RLC-plug  contains a voltage feed, a failure relay output and a TC_link interface. TC_link is a real time capable proprietary interface, which is based on a customized RS485 interface.           

    On the rearside of every housing, a PC interface (USB) can be found. This serial connection is used for configuration, status  control, and also software and firmware updates.

    All data and Time Code formats received via RS232/422, LTC/VITC and TC_link can be inserted and converted.

    Up to fifteen separate user configurable windows can be  inserted. Each inserter window has its own character set, character /  windows attributes and source data. This defines the size of the window, as well as the character size and type. The inserters  specifications can be stored and recalled via the configuration program as a profile. These profiles can be selected via the front-sided backlit buttons or via the serial PC configuration port.


    Web Browser Configuration

    Insert 1

    Insert 2

    Up to eight character sets from the local characters memory  are stored in the module and can be recalled simultaneously for insertion. All insertions are available with and without a mask. Brightness values are separately selectable. Character size can be selected between 16 to 72 lines.

    Store Profile   Font Compiler

    RUB configuration program
    Font size

    TC_link enables data interchange between different modules. A generator module could e.g. be set (triggered) with an external VITC value, which could simultaneously be converted into an ATC by an HT module. The modules are equipped with the following reader/generator/converter.

    Converter matrix

    All data in the SMPTE/EBU metadata dictionary can be inserted as Ancillary Data. Methods for the implementation of these values are included. Various options for specifically designed or custom broadcast encoded transfers, e.g. the “monochrome transfer for  MPEG” for transporting ancillary data are available and are supported by an optionally obtainable software.
    The universal input/output interfaces of all RUB modules allow for various optional  converter features. Some popular examples are a biphase converter (CTL to Time Code), Sony 9PConverter and „offset-generation“. There are many possible custom applications possible, so please do not hesitate to contact PLURA for suggested solutions.


  • Order Code

    Product Model ID: RUB AT
    Module description CVBS video inserter and processor module
    RUBIDIUM series 1 & 3 Inserter & Data Processor Module

    AT-Options for  RUB 1 & 3

    AT-B Video bypass relay
    AT-S Sony 9P abd VDCP converter
    AT-O Configurable offset (incl. TCU)
    AT-P Converter biphase/CTL to LTC

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