• The VL module is an LTC distribution amplifier and converter with two LTC inputs and four LTC outputs, four RS232 and RS422 outputs and four output stages for impulse telegrams.
  • Each output has its own driver and is individually configurable. Each output signal is phase locked and synchronised to the LTC reference input.
  • LTC time and user data are decoded. MTD  timers can be converted into independent LTC signals, or various serial protocols. Impulse time signal outputs are also available for the accurate control of analog clocks.          
  • LEDs located on the front of the module which indicate the operating status. Built-in GPI's can be pre-programmed to signal errors  or other pre-programmed warnings.


    • LTC decoder for MTD
    • Four built-in amplifiers
    • Distribution amplifier for serial telegrams
    • Four RS232 and RS422 interfaces

    The standard functions of the module are:
    • Reading and decoding LTC
    • Generating LTC: as „Refresh“ of the read LTC, or as read LTC time + Offset, or as decoded MTD time.
    • Sending RS232 and RS422 time and date information

    Two different time offsets (± HH:MM:SS:FF) can be  programmed. These can be added and/or subtracted from the time information of the read LTCs (LTC_REF and LTC_VTR):            

    1. LTC_REF ± Offset1, LTC_REF ±Offset2,
    2. LTC_VTR ± Offset1, LTC_VTR ±Offset2.   

    Thus the module VL provides four internal times, which are synchronized by an external LTC. With an offset = 00:00:00:00  the read time information is regenerated frame accurately.

             VL Input-Output

    Two other independent free running counters are available as separate time information. These counters can be configured as initial starting values, and be controlled by external Start / Stop / Reset / Set signal(s).
    Not only can MTD timers be decoded; any given date information can be identified and converted. Thus, different times are available internally and can be configured to be outputted as LTC time information, LTC userbits or as serial data strings in a selectable             protocol format.
    VL Date

    The configuration menus can be accessed with a PC.  Selectable interfaces are a standardized USB port, or an ethernet port  (available in combination with an IE module).
    SNMP and status monitoring is accessible at any time.

    VL Configuration

    VL Monitoring



  • Order Code

    Product Model ID: RUB VL
    Module description Distribution module 2:4 LTC (MTD demultiplexer)
    RUBIDIUM series 1 & 3 Distribution Module

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