The GB module of the RUBIDIUM Series serves as a versatile master Blackburst generator. 

Gen-locked to a system reference, the GB module delivers Blackburst signals in a highly accurate manner. With the included input and output connections the unit was intended for a standalone functionality, or as a componenent of a comprehensive generator system.


    • Highly accurate analog Blackburst generation (PAL/NTSC)
    • Two Blackburst outputs
    • Internal reference oscillator
    • Synchronizes to 10 MHz
    • Synchronizes to video
    • SNMP functionalities

    The follwing options enable further functionalities 

    1. VITC generator (option V)
    2. High quality oscillator (option HQ)

    The GB’s main task is controlling external SPGs with the aid of GPS and 10 MHz signals. 
    In addition to the Timecode, Wordclock, and NTP reference signals, the RUBIDIUM System can provide Blackburst from a single source.

    Circuit diagram small

    Redundant SPGs controlled by the GB module bound to GPS and 10 MHz

    Typical applications for the professional use are:

    Synchronizing redundant studio SPGs with analog video

    In case of a signal loss, redundant SPGs automatically changeover the video channel. While being synchronized to a 10MHz pulse, this can cause image interferences. Those interferences could be avoided if the generator system got feeded by Blackburst. That way the picture phase would be synchronized as well.          

    Securing the video distribution in case of a signal loss

    The GB module will still generate highly accurate  Blackburst, even if a signal loss occurs. The reference can be a 10MHz PPS pulse, or analog video.          

    Generating Blackburst with a compact system 

    As a self-contained, compact generator system, one or several GB modules can be used in a mobile way during your production.

    Configuration and software updates are done using the USB port at the back of the housing by default. 

    In conjunction with an IE module, all adjustments can be dealt with via a standard web browser. That way SNMP functionalities and status monitoring are activated as well.           

    The four front buttons of the module are freely programmable. Different profiles, e.g., can comfortably be selected by the push of a button.

    GB Config1
    GB Config2

  • Order Code

    Product Model ID: RUB GB
    Module description Master Blackburst Generator Module
    RUBIDIUM series 1 & 3 Generator Module

    GB-Options for  RUB 1 & 3

    GB-V VITC generator
    GB-HQ HQ-Oscillator

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