Gen-locked to a system reference signal, the Rubidium module GW delivers Word Clock signals in a highly accurate manner. With the included input and output connections the unit was intended for a standalone functionality, as a component of a comprehensive generator system or as a part of a master fail-proof system. Also available are distribution amplifier modules with four separate outputs or six failsafe amplified outputs specifically designed for redundant systems.


    • 4 x Word Clock outputs
    • Two independent selectable fundamental sample clocks
    • Adjustable output levels
    • Digital Audio Reference Signal output (eg. Mute)
    • Selectable reference input: Video, 10MHz
    • 4 x  GPIOs, programmable as IN or Outputs

    You may select two fundamental sample clocks independently: 
    1. 32 Khz
    2. 44.1 Khz
    3. 48 Khz
    4. 96 kHz

    Based on the above frequencies each output can individually be configured to: 

    1. 32 kHz x 1, x 64, x 256
    2. 44.1 kHz x 1, x 64, x 256
    3. 48 kHz x 1, x 64, x 256
    4. 96 kHz x 1, x 64

    Furthermore the output level can be adjusted individually.

    The selection of reference signals, the output level and frequencies as well as the programming of the four GPIOs are made using a windows interface menu via the included software and the standard USB interface. If a RUB IE (Ethernet) module is available, a web browser configuration is also possible.

    GW Config1
    GW Config2

    Further standard functions include the programming of the function keys and LEDs, located on the front of each module.

    SNMP monitoring and status reports can be enabled in combination with an IE module.

    GW Monitoring

  • Order Code

    Product Model ID: RUB GW
    Module description Master Word Clock Generator Module
    RUBIDIUM series 1 & 3 Generator Module

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