The PLURA Rubidium series GLONASS/GPS module GLS 10 MHz is a very accurate and stable method of acquiring a universal real time base for a Time Code or timer system (e.g. for GT modules).

The precise acquired reference time, date and seconds pulse is then transferred into form of a serial protocol.

  • When


    • GLONASS and GPS receiver
    • Two 10 MHz outputs, third output optional
    • PPS and time and date data string reference outputs
    • Two RS232 communication ports
    • Time zone calculation
    • Automatic summer/winter DST switching
    • Leap year/second compatible
    • SNMP ready
    • Hot swappable
    • Failure relay
    • TC_link compatible
    • Integrated Surge Voltage Protector
    • UMID data capable

    In case of a bad satellite signal, the receiver can manually or automatically switch between GLONASS and GPS.
    The module needs to be used in conjunction with a RUBIDIUM  Series housing, with power supply and the ANTG optional antenna.
    Initial user configuration can be accomodated with a Windows PC, USB and/or Ethernet port connectivitiy (if IE module is available).

    The module comes with two 10 MHz outputs, which are often used for synchronizing a third party SPG system.
    Automatic DST calculation for all time zones is available.

    The GLS 10 MHz module offers a variety of monitoring and control possibilities. 
    Easy implementation for simple, complex and fail-proof redundant systems.

    GLS 10 MHz module + Antenna

    The GLONASS/GPS antenna combines a planar antenna and a frequency converter, which translates the high-frequency phase modulated signal of the satellite system to an intermediate frequency.
    This way a 20 m cable can be used for the connection with the GLS 10 MHz module. 
    A cable length of up to 50 m can be aquired with a separate H155 low-loss cable.

    The GLS 10 MHz-module has the following available outputs:
    • Two serial interfaces for the output of the time information
    • Seconds pulse with seconds pulse - telegram
    • Four programmable GPIs
    • Two 10 MHz-signals (a third output is optionally available)


    GLONASS Antenna ANTG

    Every module is connected to an internal hot swappable bus, which bilaterally connects all modules within a particular housing.
    The internal bus can be distributed over several housings by using the RLC port. The RLC-plug contains a voltage feed, a failure relay output and a TC_link interface.
    TC_link is a real time capable proprietary interface, which is based on a customized RS485 interface.
    On the back of every housing, a PC interface (USB) can be found. This serial connection is used for configuration, status control, and also software and firmware updates.
    With IE Ethernet module, browser configuration, status control and SNMP functions also available.

    Status Monitor

    If the GLONASS receiver is switched off, the last valid almanac and ephemeris data is buffered into memory and the time is switched to a "free run" mode using an internal quartz.
    Since the reconnecting to the GLONASS process might become cumbersome and lengthy for obtaining a new and stable time, the PLURA GLONASS receiver has a separate back-up voltage input.
    Various degrees of precision are possible by implementing the various available quartzes:  

    Frequency outputs   
    Two GLS 10 MHz-modules connected to PLURA RUB SR changeover module which provide time, date and 10 MHz fail-proof redundant system.

    Module overview


  • Order Code

    Product Model ID: RUB G10G
    Module description GPS/GLONASS receiver with 10 MHz out module
    RUBIDIUM series 1 & 3 Reference Module

    G10G-Options for  RUB 1 & 3

    ANTG GLONASS antenna, pole mount, 20 m cable
    ANTGLP GLONASS antenna, flush mount, 5 m cable

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