The GNS 10 MHz module is a high reliable and accurate multi-GNSS receiver and master clock. The built-in receiver accepts signals worldwide from GPS (US system), GLONASS (Russian system), Galileo (European system), Compass (Chinese system), QZSS (Japanese system), SBAS systems WAAS, EGNOS, and MSAS.


    • Multi-GNSS receiver:
      • GPS,
      • GLONASS,
      • Galileo,
      • QZSS
      • SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS)      
    • Can be optionally equipped with a 2nd antenna input and a 2nd receiver
    • In case of double receiver assembly: automatic changeover to best receiver
    • Precision time-keeping via high stability OCXO
    • GNSS disciplined frequency outputs:
      • Two 10 MHz true sine wave outputs
      • PPS outputs
      • Square wave outputs: 1/10/100 kHz, 2048 kHz, 1/2/5/10 MHz
    • IRIG-B output
    • Precise holdover mode
    • Trigger inputs/outputs with sub-microsecond resolution
    • Two RS232 communication ports:
      • Time & date data string output
      • Status data output (status monitor program available)
    • Backup power input
    • Alarm output
    • SNMP ready
    • Hot swappable

    Accurate time is provided by a precise PPS (pulse per second) output, serial time & date protocols, and IRIG-B time code out-put.
    Various GNSS disciplined frequency outputs are available: 10 MHz true sine waves and programmable square waves.

    The GNS 10 MHz module's versatility makes it ideally suited for time and frequency synchronisation tasks:OB Van

    • Time and frequency reference in broadcast facilities, e.g. to slave video sync and time code generators.
    • Synchronizing computers.
    • Master signal generator (phase and frequency) for various applications in industry, research and measurement.

    The GNS 10 MHz module has an optiona to provide a 2nd antenna input and a 2nd receiver. This greatly improves the availability of GNSS signals.
    Typical application would be for OB van installations. The fixed mounted antenna may be blocked by a hall ceiling or surrounding buildings.
    The 2nd antenna with a long cable can be placed to a position with a clear line of sight.
    The 2nd receiver will search for satellites and will deliver stable output signals.
    The GNS 10 MHz module permanently monitors both receivers and automatically uses the signals of the receiver with best reception quality.

    GNS 10 MHz is a Rubidium Series module and needs to be used in conjunction with a housing and a power supply (for example RUB1 H1 +  RUB1 PS), and also an antenna plus cable.
    Set-up of the module is possible via USB port at the housing or via browser if any Ethernet module is part of the system (for example RUB1 IE).

    A redundant system can be built connecting two GNS 10 MHz modules to the Rubidium Series SR module.
    This offers fail-proof signals for a PPS, a serial time & date protocol, and 2 x 10 MHz.
    The following professional grade GNSS antennas are specifically designed for timing reference applications and are therefore recommended to be used with the GNS 10 MHz modules:
    1. ANTG: GNSS antenna with integrated on-board lightning protection. 
        • Pole mount. 
        • Cable: 50 Ω low loss H155, 20 m.          
    2. ANTGLP: GNSS low profile antenna. 
        • Permanent through hole mount. 
        • Cable: 50 Ω low loss H155, 8 m.

     The H155 cable can be used with a length of up to 35 m. 
    Cable length can be increased up to 100 m using cable with less attenuation.
    Adding a proper in-line amplifier allows to further extend the cable length.
    If the antenna is placed on the roof of a building, it is recommended to mount an in-line lightning arrestor between the antenna and the point where the cable enters the building.

    Please don't hesitate to contact us for any planned installation. We will find the best solution regarding cable length, in-line amplifier and lightning arrestor.

    GLONASS antenna ANTG

    GLONASS antenna ANTGLP 

  • Order Code

    Product Model ID: RUB GNS10
    Module description GPS/GLONASS/QZSS double receiver with 10 MHz Module
    RUBIDIUM series 1 & 3 Reference Module

    GNS10-OPTIONS for RUB 1 & 3 

    ANTG GLONASS antenna, pole mount, 20 m cable
    GNS10-2 Second receiver for GNS10
    ANTGLP GLONASS antenna flush mount, 5 m cable


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