Rubidium ieee 1588 ptp c3

The PLURA RUBIDIUM SERIES PTP module C3 is the most accurate method of universally handling PTP signals in the broadcast industry. The module can act as a PTP Grandmaster, PTP Slave or PTP boundary clock. The precise acquired referance time and date is transfered in form of a serial protocol and a synchronized seconds pulse. 


        • C3 module has five different S/W platforms that can be programmed with
            1- GM = Grandmaster Slave Mode
            2- SL = Slave Mode
            3- BC = Boundary Clock
            4- GF = Grandmaster with fallback
            5- BG = Boundary Clock with GPS option
            • 10/100/1000Base-T PTP Ethernet port
            • Compatible with SMPTE 2059-2      
            • Two 10 Mhz outputs come standard, third output is an option
            • PPS, time and date data string reference outputs
            • Additional unbalanced and balanced PPS outputs 
            • Leap year/second compatible
            • SNMP ready
            • Hot swappable 
            • Failure Relay
            • Compatible with TC_link 
            • Integrated Surge Voltage Protector
            • UMID data capable

    The PLURA Rubidium Series PTP client module C3 is the most accurate, stable and accurate way to universally create and manage PTP signals flow in the broadcast industry. The module has multiple platforms such as PTP Grandmaster, PTP Slave or PTP boundary clock. The precise acquired reference time and date is transferred in form of a serial protocol and a synchronized seconds pulse.

    The module comes with two 10 MHz outputs, which are often used for synchronizing a third party SPG system.

    The PTPslave uses industry leading algorithms to extract time from a PTPinput stream and produces stable frequency and time outputs.

    The module needs to be used in conjunction with a RUBIDIUM Series housing and a power supply. For user specific setups, an initial configuration requires a Windows PC with an USB and/or Ethernet port (only in combination with an IE module).

    The PTPC module offers a variety of monitoring and control possibilities. Its design allows for the implementation into complex and fail-proof redundant systems.

    The C3 module has the following outputs:
                                      • Time information Serial Interface Output 
                                      • Seconds pulse (PPS)
                                      • Four programmable GPIs   
                                      • Two 10 MHz-signals (a third output is configurable)
                                      • An Ethernet pass through port

    Every module is connected to an internal hot swappable bus, which bilaterally connects all modules within a particular housing.The internal bus can be distributed over several housings by using the RLC port.

    The RLC plug contains a voltage feed, a failure relay output and aTC_link interface.TC_link is a real time capable proprietary interface, which is based on a customized RS485 interface.

    On the rear side of every housing, a PC interface (USB) can be found.This serial connection is used for configuration, status control, and also software and firmware updates.

    Via our IE Ethernet module, browser configuration, status control and SNMPfunctions are available. 

  • Order Code

    Product Model ID: RUB PTP C3
    Module description PTP PTP client Module
    RUBIDIUM series 1 & 3 Reference Module

    C3 - Options for RUB 1 & 3

    C3 - SL Slave Mode
    C3 - GM Grandmaster Mode
    C3 - BC Boundary Clock Mode
    C3 - GF Grandmaster with PTP fallback Mode
    C3 - BG Boundary Clock with GPS
    C3 - OCXO IEEE 1588 clientOXCO oscillator Mode

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