Stand alone 3G/HD-SDI/SDI Time Code Inserter, Generator, Reader and Converter.


    • Time Code Generator
    • Time Code Reader
    • Time Code Converter
    • Time Code Video Inserter
    • Standard 4 Video Insertion Windows (with a customized firmware up to 15).
    • LTC, D-VITC, ATC
    • 3G/HD/SD Video Compatible
    • NTP Server
    • NTP Client
    • SNMP Agent
    • MTD Compatible
    • 2 Front Displays (8 digit LED, and dot-matrix OLED)
    • GPS Receiver Input
    • 4 Programmable GPIOs
    • 4 Programmable Front Buttons
    • Built-in Power Supply
    • Ethernet Configuration Port

    The TCC70XS is a compact system, fulfilling all of the mandatory real-time based tasks in a studio or in an OB Van.

    The Time Code generator can be synchronized utilising an external GPS receiver, or an external NTP server.
    Timezones, as well as the parameters of automatic DST switching can be configured.
    The generated LTC, D-VITC, or ATC is in line with all SMPTE/EBU standards.

    The Time Code inserter and converter is compatible with the common digital video formats 3G, HD, and SD.
    Incoming Time Code can be converted and/or visibly burned into the video.
    There is also the option for inserting the Time Code as a data package (D-VITC or ATC).
    Due to MTD compatibility, timer and offset times coming from a RUBIDIUM system can be demultiplexed.
    Up to seven windows in varying sizes can be overlayed into the video.
    The video can contain the following additional information in separate windows:
    1. Real-time Time Code
    2. Incoming ATC
    3. Date, MTD timer A
    4. MTD timer B
    5. MTD timer C
    6. MTD timer D
    7. Simple text can also be part of the visible insertion.

    The Ethernet interface connects the TCC70XS to the LAN/WAN.
    The browser based configuration menus can be accessed from everywhere within the network.
    The same interface can also be used in order to let the system act as an NTP server or client.
    In the NTP server mode, the NTP time is synchronized with the real-time of the internal Time Code.
    In the NTP client mode, an external NTP server can be addressed as the real-time reference for the Time Code generator.
    Status monitoring, as well as the integration into an SNMP management system are supported.

    The TCC70XS comes with two displays in the front panel.
    The 8 digit LED shows the generated Time Code.
    The dot matrix OLED shows general information, as well as the current alignment of the four front keys.
    These can be re-programmed using the configuration menu.
    With the push of a button, insertions can be toggled on/off, or even complete system profile changes can be accomplished.

    The system has 4 GPIOs which can freely be programmed for customer specific functions.

    The TCC70XS is fully packed with functions and input/output abilities. In order to keep it simple, the unit comes with three pre-configured operating modes:

    Converter LTC to D-VITC or ATC
    Conversion from LTC to a video Time Code (D-VITC and/or ATC).

    Converter D-VITC or ATC to LTC
    Conversion from a video Time Code (D-VITC and/or ATC) to LTC.

    Real-Time Time Code Generator
    TCC70XS uses an external real-time source for a time & date reference.
    Any local time zone can be programmed.
    The generated Time Code transports time & date of the local time zone.


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    Product Model ID: TCC 70 XS
    Product description 3G/HD/HD-SDI video inserter system
    Synchronization & Timing Stand Alone System

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