UD25 Series Display.

  • specifications

    Data Sheet

    • Display color is user selectable Red, Green or Yellow
    • Brightness selector has eight user selectable brightness levels or can be set to adapt automatically
    • Reads LTC, MTD, RS485, RS422, RS232, GPI
    • Reads NTP, PTP and MTDoE
    • Reads IRIG-B
    • Direct GPS antenna input (optional)
    • Automation system interface (optional)
    • Rear sided mode switch (optional)


    • The UD series includes various time and date displays. The UD can display Time Code, local time, a different time zone or a stopwatch timer.
    • A built-in quartz clock enables continuous operation even if a drop out of signal occurs.
    • All displays of the type UD25 show hours, minutes and seconds, in a six-digit format. The digit height is 25 mm.          
    • Three LEDs selectable colors (red, green, yellow) feature and an adjustable brightness selector. The brightness can be adjusted manually or can set to an automatic mode, where a photo sensor automatically adjusts the brightness depending on the current level of environmental light.       


    • Various universal interfaces are included, which enable a wide assortment of data or Time Codes to be displayed.
    • There are several included serial protocol decoders available for the input serial data communication. Protocols are selected in the configuration mode of the display. A special PLURA developed MTD protocol mode is also available. MTD is a studiotimer solution developed and designed by PLURA to deliver several information like countdown timers, difference timers, or timezones.
    • All UD displays come standard with LTC, Ethernet and IRIG-B input capabilities.


    • LTC Input 


    • UD-displays are equipped with an LTC input, a  RS485 interface, a selectable RS422/232 interface and four GPI inputs (e.g. for a timer control keypad).



    • Ethernet Input                        


    • UD displays are equipped with an RJ45 port. Supported protocols are NTP and MTDoE (MTD timer distribution over  LAN/WAN; please see our separate leaflet for further information).  Different time servers can be addressed, in order to “bridge” a signal  that may be lost. SNMP monitoring is optionally available. 



    • IRIG-B Input                         


    • UD-displays are equipped with an IRIG-B input and a selectable RS422/232 interface.


    • Configuration            


    • All display configurations is done via the USB interface  or via a standard internet browser. Software updates is via the standard USB interface.           

  • Order Code

    Product Model ID: UD25
    Product description: MTD display 25mm, LTC/ethernet/IRIG-B interface, 6 digits (1 RU/ 19"), 24 VDC, PoE
    Time & Time Code Displays Stand Alone Rackmount Unit


    Product Model ID: UD25TT
    Product description: MTD display 25mm, LTC/ethernet/IRIG-B interface, 6 digits, tabletop housing, 24VDC, PoE
    Time & Time Code Displays Stand Alone tabletop Unit


    Product Model ID: UDD25
    Product description: MTD double display 25mm, LTC/ethernet/IRIG-B interface, 2x6 digits (1 RU/ 19"), 24 VDC, PoE
    Time & Time Code Displays Stand Alone Rackmount Unit

    Options for UD25

    EPSW External power supply  24 VDC
    PI PoE, Power Injector
    UD-G GPS-Interface for UD Series display
    UD-S Mode switch 9rear sided button)
    UD-AI Automation-Interface

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